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- Our Mission -

To provide strategies and tools to help you have a profitable low content book business.

- Our Philosophy -

Making you a more successful book publisher makes us a more successful business. By helping your business thrive, we help our business thrive.

- Our Story -

Cindy Minear created A Book Creator (formally known as Aududu Book Creator) in 2018. With a little help from her husband Dan, Cindy does the software engineering and programming for the site. She also manages the day to day running of the business. She meet her husband while working as a software engineer on the International Space Station (ISS) program in 1989. She spent the next 13 years designing, programming, and testing software for the Data Management System of the ISS.

After becoming pregnant with twins in 2002, Cindy "retired" from her job working on the ISS software to stay home with her children. In 2003, Cindy founded Scrappin' Twins, a small home based business that provided twins themed scrapbooking stickers and paper. In 2005, she expanded that business to provide POD products for families of multiples. After having her 6th child in 2006, she continued to grow her Scrappin' Twins business on a part-time basis, while remaining a stay at home mom to her kids.

In 2017, Cindy started selling her designs on Merch. A year later, she discovered low content book publishing on KDP. After publishing a number of low content books, she became frustrated with how long it took to create the books. She put her software skills to work and created a few tools that helped her quickly create books. Not long after that, she turned those tools into aududu book creator. She is constantly thinking up new ways to make book creation more simple and adds new tools on a monthly basis.

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