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Our Story

From Space to Self-Publishing

Welcome to A Book Creator! I'm Cindy Minear, a mom of six with a background in software engineering. Before discovering the world of self-publishing, I spent 13 years working on the International Space Station program. When I became pregnant with high-risk monoamniotic twins, I decided to stay home with my children, but I also wanted to bring in extra money for my family. A few years after the twins were born, I started a twin-themed business that sold scrapbooking supplies. Through this business, I discovered the world of print-on-demand (POD).

Discovering KDP

In 2018, I was creating print-on-demand (POD) products for several platforms. One of those platforms was Merch by Amazon. I belonged to a bunch of Facebook groups about creating products for Merch. References to creating low content books on KDP kept popping on in those groups and I eventually checked it out. I discovered that KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing, is Amazon’s platform for self-publishing books. Through the platform, you can publish eBooks, paperback books, and hardcover books. Unlike Merch, you didn’t need to apply to get into KDP. The account is free to create and anyone can sign up.

A Rough Start

I went all in. I signed up for my free account and joined every Facebook Group I could find to learn how to get started in this business. To make sure I knew how to do everything, I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube. I thought I was taking all the right steps to be successful in this business as I created my first book and got it published on KDP. I was so excited when my book went live and kept refreshing my KDP dashboard, looking for my first sale. Even though my sales number sat stubbornly at zero, I continued to follow the advice of the “gurus” in this business and uploaded several more books. Each time I uploaded a new book, I hoped sales would roll in. After refreshing my KDP sales dashboard day after day and getting nothing but a big fat zero, I knew I needed to do something different.

The Journey to Success

That’s when I put my engineering skills to use and started doing research. I discovered that there were thousands of books on Amazon with the exact same interior as mine. Most of them weren’t selling either. It’s tough to stand out in the crowd when the only thing setting your book apart from the rest is your cover. That’s when it hit me. I should start creating books targeted to people like me. That way I would know exactly what these people wanted in a book and could create the perfect book they would love. I sat down and created a book targeted at twin moms I used a design I had created for Merch on the cover and submitted my book. By the way, I don’t recommend you use t-shirt designs for your cover. I’ve learned a lot about making great covers since I started in this business and would never do that today. But, even with what I would consider today to be a not-so-good cover, that book still sells consistently.

A Book Creator is Born

Inspired by my success and driven by the desire to help others avoid common pitfalls, I put my software engineering skills to use and created A Book Creator. Our platform offers an extensive range of tools and resources designed to help creators like you make unique, engaging journals, planners, logbooks, and puzzle books that stand out in the marketplace.

Our Misson

At A Book Creator, our mission is to empower self-publishers by providing innovative, user-friendly tools that simplify the process of designing and publishing unique, engaging journals, planners, logbooks, puzzle books, and more. We understand the challenges of standing out in a crowded market, and our platform is designed to give creators the edge they need. By offering extensive customization options, AI-powered tools, and a straightforward commercial license, we enable our users to produce high-quality books that resonate with their target audiences. We are committed to exceptional customer service, continually updating our toolset based on user feedback, and ensuring our platform remains intuitive and accessible. Our goal is to help you transform your ideas into successful, marketable books with ease and efficiency.

Join Us Today!

At A Book Creator, we go above and beyond to ensure that our platform stands out as the premier choice for self-publishers looking to create unique, engaging low content books. Experience the difference that A Book Creator can make in your self-publishing journey. Sign up for our free 3-day trial and explore all the features and benefits we offer. With our monthly and yearly membership options, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs and start creating books that sell.

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